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Owen Parnell, R.Ac.

Owen is born, raised, and educated here on Vancouver Island. His interest in healing Qi Gong is what lead him to enroll in Oshio College’s Acupuncture Program in 2014. Though his introduction to the healing arts was his mother’s practice of Jin Shin Do (Acupressure).

Pain relief, emotional stress and it’s physical manifestations are Owen’s forte. And he produces affirming results in a broad range of conditions. He uses martial arts, meditation, and self-care as tools for honing his awareness, and improving his ability to provide pleasant treatments with great results.

Owen practices free hand and where applicable, gentle shallow needle technique. He is trained in the NADA (National Acupuncture Detox Association)’s 5 ear points protocol. This simple protocol helps balance the body and manage stress. He often use it in conjunction with body treatments.

He doesn’t view acupuncture treatment as a magic bullet for healing the body, but a tool to help the body heal itself. Our bodies have amazing self-healing abilities. Sometimes they are just faced with circumstances they can’t work out on their own.

Outside of Owen’s work as a healer, he is blessed to live with his wife and young daughter. He has a background in visual arts, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. He also maintains a variety of hobbies, including tai chi, qi gong, iaido, kendo, juggling, and percussion.