Owen Parnell, R.Ac.

Owen Parnell is an Acupuncturist raised and educated here in Victoria, BC. Owen's interest in health and desire to live a meaningful life helping others inspired this career choice. Owen enrolled in Oshio College's Acupuncture Program in 2014, and is now an instructor at the school. Owen has studied Dong Han Korean Acupuncture, Qi Gong, and Martial Arts Since 2011. He was first introduced to eastern healing arts as a child, by his mother’s practice of Jin Shin Do (Japanese Acupressure)

Pain relief, emotional stress and it’s physical manifestations are Owen’s forte, and he produces affirming results in a broad range of conditions. He uses martial arts and meditation as tools for sharpening his awareness. This improves his ability to provide pleasant treatments with great results

Owen is committed to professional integrity, and is always intent on giving the most effective treatments possible, and helping patients recover their health with as few treatments as necessary.

Owen doesn’t view acupuncture treatment as a magic bullet for healing the body, but a tool to help coordinate the body in healing itself. We all know our bodies have amazing self-healing abilities. Sometimes our bodies are just faced with circumstances that they can’t work out on their own.

In the treatment room, Owen integrates massage and acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, TDP therapy, and range of motion exercises. Knowing how well different modalities can work together, he is pleased to ally with many other health professionals, to further benefit your quality of life.

Outside of Owen’s work as a healer, he is blessed to live with his wife and young daughter. He has a background in visual arts, mostly drawing and painting, but also sculpture and graphic design. He maintains a variety of hobbies, including taichi, qi gong, iaido, kendo, juggling, and percussion.