• Owen Parnell R.Ac.

Pro's and Cons of Using Your Health Benefits This Year

We've got less than 100 days to put your years supply of health benefits to use. To help folks decide whether or not to use their benefits, I've listed out the pros and cons.

PROS YOU GET TREATMENTS better health, get pampered, self care, stress relief, acupuncture, massage, cupping, guasha, reiki, qigong SUPPORT LOCAL you get to support local businesses with funds from an insurance company. -support local, local business, strong local economy, healthy community, IT'S AFFORDABLE! I process your DIRECT BILLING most insurance plans cover 80%, and some cover 100% affordable care, totally worth it, no paperwork for you :)


CONS MAYBE YOU DON'T LIKE TREATMENTS...? You can expect it to be practically painless, and surprisingly pleasant. Treatment method is modified to suit each individual patient's needs and preferences. Some benefit most from fine and shallow acupuncture, while others prefer deep tension release. YOU DON'T WANT TO RISK EXPOSURE TO COVID. (patients are prescreened and have their forehead temperature measured prior to appointment, we also use a brief questionnaire to minimize all risk of exposure, a surgical mask is worn by myself, and patients are asked to do as they are comfortable, mask or not. As always, frequent handwashing/sanitizing is used. patients, are asked to sanitize hands on entry, appointments are spaced 15+ minutes apart for proper decontamination. Any unaddressed concerns? Please ask. :) NO FREE TIME? Time invested in your health and well being is time well spent. If you don't have free time, you're probably burning yourself out. A treatment may be just what you need. Do you still need convincing?

Click here to book a free no obligation remote consultation, or if you are clear you'd like to get into it, click here to book your initial appointment No health coverage, no problem. We're happy to form treatment plans and healing strategies to suit your budget. Wishing you the best health! -Owen Parnell R.Ac. friendly neighbourhood acupuncturist 610 Pine Street, Victoria, BC, V9A2Z8 778-678-7316,